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My 30 Minutes with Laura Geitz

September 8, 2020

Laura Geitz is an Australian netball champion - leading the Queensland Firebirds and Australian Diamonds to victory.

Off the court, Laura is one of the warmest, most caring and loveable people you'll ever meet!

Since retiring she's carved out an impressive career in media, is working as an ambassador, and continuing to give back to the sport which has given her so much. 

Laura's also a wife and mum to two boys, with another baby on the way!

In this episode we talk about how Laura found her love of netball as the country kid who didn't feel like she fit in. Proving the school bullies wrong - that her height was her greatest strength, not biggest weakness. Losing her Dad at the peak of her career. The hard leadership lessons she's had to learn along the way. And why she's been so successful on and off the court. 

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Laura Geitz.

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