My 30 Minutes with Kendall Gilding
My 30 Minutes Q&A 2

My 30 Minutes Q&A 2

September 22, 2020

We're celebrating 20 episodes with another Q&A with host Kendall Gilding.

This is a chance for previous guests and listeners to ask the questions!

The questions include - 

'What would you tell your 18 year old self?'

'What's the most important thing in maintaining a good relationship?'

'How do you feel about turning 30?'

'What's your ultimate career goal, and what's your biggest fear about reaching it, or not reaching it?'

'Do you want more kids?'

Plus many more! 

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Other hot tips mentioned by Kendall - 

Find Kayla Itsines Sweat app here.

Al + Imo 'Goal Setting Guide' here.

My 30 Minutes with Amy Sheppard

My 30 Minutes with Amy Sheppard

September 15, 2020

Amy Sheppard is a singer/songwriter in the hit Aussie band Sheppard - famous for catchy tracks like 'Geronimo'.

Amy also started a campaign called 'Kiss My Fat Ass', a movement sparked by posting a raw photo on Instagram, that now has thousands of followers.

In this episode we talk about - 

How Amy defines success
Dealing with fame
What it's like writing a new song every month
And the silver linings of a global pandemic

Oh, and Amy also got engaged to her long-time partner Lachlan this week! So there's lots to celebrate!

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Amy Sheppard.

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Follow Sheppard on Instagram here.


My 30 Minutes with Laura Geitz

My 30 Minutes with Laura Geitz

September 8, 2020

Laura Geitz is an Australian netball champion - leading the Queensland Firebirds and Australian Diamonds to victory.

Off the court, Laura is one of the warmest, most caring and loveable people you'll ever meet!

Since retiring she's carved out an impressive career in media, is working as an ambassador, and continuing to give back to the sport which has given her so much. 

Laura's also a wife and mum to two boys, with another baby on the way!

In this episode we talk about how Laura found her love of netball as the country kid who didn't feel like she fit in. Proving the school bullies wrong - that her height was her greatest strength, not biggest weakness. Losing her Dad at the peak of her career. The hard leadership lessons she's had to learn along the way. And why she's been so successful on and off the court. 

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Laura Geitz.

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My 30 Minutes with Matt Sinclair

My 30 Minutes with Matt Sinclair

September 1, 2020

Matt Sinclair is a celebrity chef, best known for his time on Masterchef in 2016. 

Since then, he's worked for big name brands like Cobram Estate, Tourism Queensland, even catering the Channel 7 Brisbane Racing Carnival. 

In 2017, Matty opened Sum Yung Guys with a team of mates in Noosa. Since their launch, the restaurant is constantly booked out - making it a "super success".

In this episode we talk about how Matt defines success, how he's defied the odds by running a thriving business with 3 friends, and why going on a reality TV show isn't a guaranteed ticket to a career.

I speak with Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston & Matt's sister Rachel to get a little insight into this passion and drive!

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Matt Sinclair.

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My 30 Minutes with Pip Forbes

My 30 Minutes with Pip Forbes

August 25, 2020

Pip Forbes is the Founder and Managing Director of JuicedTV - a weekly show made by kids, for kids, who are undergoing treatment in hospital.

Pip had a glittering television career as a presenter on Channel 10 for almost a decade, but chose to give it all up, to try and make the lives of sick kids just a little brighter.

In this episode we talk about what it was like to quit her job and try to crowd fund for a world-first hospital TV show. 

The many celebrity visits, including the time Johnny Depp landed a chopper on the hospital roof, or when Chris Hemsworth dropped in and then came back again with his dad in a taxi later that night. 

How becoming a mum gave her work even more meaning.

And what success means when you're trying to juggle it all.

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Pip Forbes.

To find out more, visit their website!

Or connect with JuicedTV on social media here!

My 30 Minutes with Abby Coleman

My 30 Minutes with Abby Coleman

August 18, 2020

Abby Coleman is one of Brisbane's most successful radio stars.

In this episode we talk about how she bluffed her way into a radio career, after starring on the first season of reality TV show 'The Mole'.

Since then she's been an influential, authentic and honest voice!

You'll find Abby on Brisbane's B105 with Stav and Matt for breakfast.

She's also a wife, mother of 3 boys, TV guest star, and a marriage celebrant! So, life is busy!

Abby delivers pearls of wisdom from a life in the spotlight - learning to overcome embarrassment, jealousy, heartbreak and finding contentment.

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Abby Coleman.

You can follow Abby on Instagram here.

My 30 Minutes with Rod Young

My 30 Minutes with Rod Young

August 11, 2020

Rod Young is one of Australia's most enduring news presenters.

He's spent more than 3 decades on Queensland TV screens at ABC Brisbane, 7NEWS Brisbane and now 7NEWS Gold Coast. 

He's also a husband and father of 3 children.

Rod didn't plan on being a television presenter and describes his success as 'luck'. So, is it really that simple?

The sound of Rod's voice is soothing and reassuring, especially at a time when the world feels so uncertain. He's a comforting and calming presence!

I know you'll enjoy My 30 Minutes with Rod Young.


My 30 Minutes with Tanielle Jai

My 30 Minutes with Tanielle Jai

August 4, 2020

Tanielle Jai is one of Queensland's most in demand makeup artists.

Over the past decade she's refined her craft, and built a following on Instagram that allows her to work with some of the country's biggest fashion brands, models and influencers. 
But working in such a glossy industry and being self employed means there's plenty of sacrifices along the way. 
Be inspired by Tanielle's work ethic and determination to succeed, plus take hope from the raw story she shares around mental health and insecurity that took her on a path to makeup in the first place. 
Check out Tanielle's incredible work on Instagram - here
I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Tanielle Jai. 
My 30 Minutes with Orange Sky

My 30 Minutes with Orange Sky

July 28, 2020

Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett are the brains behind Orange Sky - a free mobile laundry service for the homeless.


In 6 short years, their simple idea has grown into a thriving international charity that's impacting thousands of lives.


They've shared the title of Young Australian of the Year, and recently received Medals of the Order of Australia.


So what's the secret to success as a 20-something year old, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to make a difference?


I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Nic and Lucas.


If you want to donate to Orange Sky you can do that here, or you can register to volunteer here.

My 30 Minutes with Jacqui Toumbas

My 30 Minutes with Jacqui Toumbas

July 21, 2020

Jacqui Toumbas is a Brisbane nutritionist, café owner, businesswoman, and hospitality consultant.


After humble beginnings of creating bliss balls for 25 venues while still at university, she launched her first cafe – Miss Bliss – while she was just 27 years old.


Having created a self-sufficient business, she is able to focus her time on hospitality consulting – helping others create the perfect experience for their customers.


Jacqui is also candid about being a successful, single woman in her early 30’s and why she’s taking steps to safeguard her fertility by freezing her eggs.


I hope you enjoy ‘My 30 Minutes’ with Jacqui Toumbas.


Check out Jacqui on social media here.

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