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My 30 Minutes with Rachel Mellers-Smith

June 2, 2020

Rachel Mellers-Smith is the founder, owner, designer and creative director of Australian fashion label Apero. 

Based in Brisbane, it’s a business she built from the ground up, with humble beginnings in the spare room of her parent’s home.

She’s spent time in New York working as an assistant stylist on films, designed countless best-selling dresses for other brands and now gets to call the shots as the boss of her own company – all while only being in her late 20s.

What I love most about Rachel is she’s community minded.

Apero donates 5% of their online sales to Women’s Community Shelters – even from the first month of trading, when they barely made any money, they still chose to donate.

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Rachel Mellers-Smith.

Check out Apero's website & pick yourself up a tee here! Or find the brand on Instagram here!

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