My 30 Minutes with Kendall Gilding
My 30 Minutes Q&A

My 30 Minutes Q&A

July 14, 2020

We're celebrating 10 episodes with a special Q&A with Kendall Gilding.

I reveal why I started a podcast, what success means to me, plus a Q&A where my previous guests get to ask me the questions.

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My 30 Minutes with Sean Sennett

My 30 Minutes with Sean Sennett

July 7, 2020

Sean Sennett is an Australian writer and musician, most famous for his time as owner and editor of music magazine, and Australia’s first street press, Time Off.

After two decades at the helm he decided to sell the publication when he could see the digital revolution was looming.

He’s interviewed Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, and David Bowie, with his work published in papers across Australia, and in Rolling Stone.

As a musician, he’s written over 200 songs and collaborated with artists like multi-ARIA award winner Kate Ceberano.

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Sean Sennett.

You can check out Sean’s music on Spotify here, or have a listen to his podcast ‘Time to Talk’ here.


My 30 Minutes with Shane Webcke

My 30 Minutes with Shane Webcke

June 30, 2020

Shane Webcke is an Australian rugby league legend.


He spent 12 years as a single club player with the Brisbane Broncos.


Since retiring in 2006, he’s been at the 7NEWS desk reading sport.


He’s also an author, safety ambassador, MC, guest speaker and businessman.


But I delve into his true passions – family and farming, how he measures success, and why he believes life is a war!


Webby is rich in wisdom, he holds nothing back, and I even manage a few surprises along the way.


I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Shane Webcke.

My 30 Minutes with Kerrie Hess

My 30 Minutes with Kerrie Hess

June 23, 2020

Kerrie Hess is one of Australia's most prolific and successful fashion illustrators. 

She's worked with Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton and Cartier. Her art has been featured in Vogue and on the cover of Harpers' Bazaar. She even has a 'Kerrie Hess Suite' at The Langham in Melbourne.
Her first solo exhibition was in Paris, in the same space used by Picasso and Salvadore Dali.
She's painted portraits at the request of celebrities like Ariana Grande, and been flown across the world to paint live at weddings. 
I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Kerrie Hess!
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My 30 Minutes with Andy Gourley

My 30 Minutes with Andy Gourley

June 16, 2020

Andy Gourley is affectionately knowns as ‘Boss Frog’ of the global organisation Red Frogs, which started here in Australia at Gold Coast Schoolies.


But how did a skateboarding accountant build an international charity that supports 1.4 million people every year?


Andy has profound thoughts on leadership, brand expansion and impacting lives! I promise you’ll be blown away by this chat!


I hope you enjoy ‘My 30 Minutes’ with Andy Gourley.


If you’d like to donate to Red Frogs visit

My 30 Minutes with Erin Holland

My 30 Minutes with Erin Holland

June 9, 2020

Erin Holland was crowned Miss World Australia in 2013.


Since then she’s carved out an impressive career as a television presenter, singer and high-flying ambassador.


Erin opens up about how hard it is to shake the ‘beauty queen’ title, why she doesn’t identify as an influencer, and the devastating decision of postponing her wedding during a pandemic.


She was warm and candid as we caught up on the back deck of the Brisbane home she shares with her fiancé, cricketer Ben Cutting.


I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Erin Holland.

My 30 Minutes with Rachel Mellers-Smith

My 30 Minutes with Rachel Mellers-Smith

June 2, 2020

Rachel Mellers-Smith is the founder, owner, designer and creative director of Australian fashion label Apero. 

Based in Brisbane, it’s a business she built from the ground up, with humble beginnings in the spare room of her parent’s home.

She’s spent time in New York working as an assistant stylist on films, designed countless best-selling dresses for other brands and now gets to call the shots as the boss of her own company – all while only being in her late 20s.

What I love most about Rachel is she’s community minded.

Apero donates 5% of their online sales to Women’s Community Shelters – even from the first month of trading, when they barely made any money, they still chose to donate.

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with Rachel Mellers-Smith.

Check out Apero's website & pick yourself up a tee here! Or find the brand on Instagram here!

My 30 Minutes with Kendall Gilding

My 30 Minutes with Kendall Gilding

May 26, 2020

Welcome back to My 30 Minutes with Kendall Gilding.

It’s been a little while between podcasts – so to bridge the gap this is a special episode featuring me! I’m sharing my journey with endometriosis, infertility, IVF and pregnancy.

Maybe you’re experiencing something similar, or maybe you’re battling something completely different. This is a story about staying the path, working through heartbreak and being proactive.

I hope you enjoy My 30 Minutes with me!

My 30 Minutes with Cate Campbell

My 30 Minutes with Cate Campbell

September 15, 2018

Cate Campbell is an Australian Olympic Swimmer who went to her first games at just 16 years old.

She also boasts an incredible line of sponsorships and ambassador roles, and is advocating for the next generation of Australian athletes. 

She is driven, passionate and outrageously inspiring, despite being just 26 years old!

What I love most about Cate is no level of competition or success has gone to her head. What you see is what you get!

Here's 'My 30 Minutes' with Cate Campbell!

My 30 minutes with Kayla Itsines

My 30 minutes with Kayla Itsines

May 14, 2018

Kayla is the definition of success!  She's grounded, wholesome and has a unique sense of purpose - she wants to improve the lives of women! I've always been drawn to her authentic social media presence and it was easy to see why she's the perfect fit for 'My 30 Minutes'! She boasts an impressive 9 million Instagram followers, 20 million Facebook followers and the largest female fitness community in the world. Her 'Sweat with Kayla' app has rocketed her to multi-millionaire status and she's got abs that will make you start crunching the second you see them. To top it off - last year Forbes named her the most Influential Fitness Star in the World. The world! Not the most influential female - nope she beat out all the boys too! Kayla and I met for the very first time when we sat down to do this interview. A team and I flew to Adelaide to catch up with her & film our interview for the first time. She was warm, engaging and real. So what's the secret to her success? You'll just have to listen!

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